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Abah Anom SHADOW FACE TO REPENT OF YOUTH A HOBBY prostitution. This story was taken from his talk KH.M.Abdul Gaous Saefulloh Al-Maslul or Ajengan Gaos one representative talqin Thoriqoh Qodiriyyah Naqsyabandiyyah Boarding Suryalaya Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. Told there was a young man whose hobby into prostitution, young man intend to quit pebuatannya reprehensible. Has in many ways done to stop it does not make immoral interests stop. In fact, the practice of worship were "super tough" on the instructions of the scholars who have visited various daerahpun not succeeded. So, already familiar to her riyadloh (training) like fasting, dhikr, prayer either mandatory or circumcision and other practices. In a state mental condition is so critical, the boy came to the boarding school to discover the Saints Suryalaya Abah Anom and told that he had come. Abah Anom said: "It's okay, just do not do in front of the horse". After the youth who like "cake" ditalqin women reminisce TQN to be practiced. As usual, the young man came to the hotel which has been ordered to carry out his wishes "screwing" the prostitute. Once everything is ready, terbesit in the shadow of his soul will face Abah Anom "Just do before morning!", The young man was surprised and uneasy, immediately left the hotel. Gagallah his desire. The other day, the boy came back to the hotel to perform his unstoppable passion. However, when these moments will conduct face-vice emerged Abah Anom "It's okay, I just do not before". The young man returned the attack and returned home. The incident continues to repeat itself always see the shadow of Abah Anom face in times when evil will do with prostitutes. Finally, with the incident of the young man put his hobby into prostitution for good and become practitioners Thoriqoh Qodiriyyah Naqsyabandiyyah. Indeed the incident of a gift of God to man loved by intermediaries Murshid as his options. Subhanallah .. The image of a face that was as burhana Murshid robbihi (light / sign from God) that brings blessings to the young man. We are reminded of the story of one of God's messengers, the Prophet Joseph. helped God when evil will happen with Siti Zulaikha. In the Qur'an Surat Yusuf verse 24: "And indeed she bemaksud (done it) with him, and he was also mean (did) with the woman (wife) if they do not see burhana robbihi sign (of) Lord. So that We might turn away from evil and indecency. Indeed, he was one of Our servants, chosen. "(Surah Yusuf 24) In this verse is the word of God" Burhana Rabbihi ". According to the words of Imam Ibn Kathir's Tafsir Ibn Kathir juz II / 474: "The meaning of" Burhaana Rabbihi "shown by Yusuf, then there are several opinions. According to friends of Abdullah bin Abbas, Said, Mujahid, Sa'id bin Jubair, Muhammad bin Sirin, Hasan, Qatadah, Ibn Salih, Dlohah, Muhammad bin Ishaq and others that he saw the shadow of his father (Jacob), apparently, shape as if his father angry. According to most history hit the chest of Joseph. Al-'Aufi the opinion of Ibn Abbas, that word is Joseph remembered the shadow of Zulaikha husband's face is king Qithfir that there seemed to be at home and find out what will be done to Joseph. Similarly, Muhammad bin Ishaq thinks the same. "(Tafsir Ibn Kathir, II / 474) God


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