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review the activity at boarding Suryalaya. In addition, Abah Anom also mebuat program

ntuk review the activity at boarding Suryalaya. In addition, Abah Anom also mebuat program "spiritual rehabilitation" for former PKI members. His contribution was successfully brought numerous awards from the Bureau of Islamic Spiritual Siliwangi Military Command VI, Governor of West Java and other agencies. Since then, Abah Anom develop "methods Inabah" as a spiritual healing. Not just a name for his school, Inabah is the theoretical foundation for freeing patients from psychiatric disorders because of its dependence on drugs. People who are treated with methods Inabah treated like a person who is considered to have mental problems. And, the therapy used against them is through recitation. According Badhrowi, a process that must be passed first in the shower Inabah is done at night. Usually, it is done at the top at 12 am. "Later, by many researchers, such methods are analyzed and turned out to be justified scientifically," said Badhrowi. Water at night, turned out to contain molecules that are good for health. Some of the awards given to the end Abah Anom, particularly related to the healing methods of the drug addicts. Based on the results of the study Dr. Juhaya S. Praja, 1981-1989, as many as 93.15% of the 5845 target children who take the program Inabah, can return to normal. Abah Anom said, the food is not kosher is one of the causes of disease. In 1980, a workshop was held at the school attended by eight departments at once, which is a cross-sectoral cooperation created specifically to combat juvenile delinquency. Finally, in January 2009, Abah Anom received the Distinguished Service Award from the Charter of the International Federation of Non-Government Organitations (IFNGO), the United Nations. A highest award given international institutions for the devotion of someone in the recovery of drug addicts. Charter was presented in Australia by IFNGO Chairman, Dr. K.C. Lam told representatives Suryalaya boarding school in Jakarta, Ir. Ucu Suparta. Abah Anom judged to have saved the lives and future of the nation's children. The award was seen on display in the living room wall of the house Abah Anom. Abah Anom is an admirer of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani, which among other things provides guidance: "Dudukkanlah yourselves together worldly life, while kalbumu along the afterlife, and Tua Goliath together with your Lord." Abah Anom is the charismatic cleric whose leadership and dedication in the community, making the figures in the country respect him. The RI president or vice president ever even come to his school. Beginning with the visit of former President Suharto in 1995. The arrival of President Soeharto was accompanied by the Moerdiono the then Secretary of State. Ahead of the 2004 presidential election, Megawati's turn came, accompanied by Golkar Party leader Akbar Tandjung. Five years ago, Jusuf Kalla, who was about to menyalonkan down as President in 2009 also visited Abah Anom. In the same year, the President did not want to miss. Conversely, until the end of Abah Anom never visited anyone in this country officials. The trend was made Abah Anom also dubbed "Kiai Pasak Bumi." That is, Abah Anom just will always receive guests in place rather than being a guest elsewhere. Elders Ponpes SURALAYA Abah Anom Ponpes Suryalaya, Tasikmalaya, West Java, on Friday (26/6). Abah Anom died Monday, September 5, 2011 at about 11:50 pm to coincide with the anniversary of Pesantren Suryalaya 5 September 1905. Previously, the deceased was not bedridden or hospitalized. In fact, he was receiving guests at his residence. After receiving the guests, he suddenly felt sick. Abah Anom is known to suffer from heart disease. Abah Anom new corpse interred on September 6, 2011 in a building close to the tomb of his father, Sheikh H Abdulloh Mubarok bin Nur Muhammad. Suryalaya large family tomb located in Puncak Suryalaya or about boarding school.


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