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Pangersa Abah Anom: Kiai Pasak Bumi is Zuhud Elders Ponpes Suryalaya Abah Anom 1

Pangersa Abah Anom: Kiai Pasak Bumi is Zuhud Elders Ponpes Suryalaya Abah Anom 

Ponpes SURALAYA, Tasikmalaya, West Java Supervisor Thoriqot Qadiriyah Naqsabandiyah at boarding Suryalaya, Tasikmalaya. Have a social conscience. Applying "Inabah Method" to heal the victims of drugs. Never would a visit to officials. A young man with a backpack on his shoulders into a house painted yellow at the top of the door is written calligraphy: Azzamifthaful Tariqat Qadiriyah wannaqsabandiyah. The house, called madrassas and is adjacent to Masjid Nurul Ashrar it, was the residence of Ahmad Shohibulwafa Tajul n Arifi, leader of Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya. The young man named Badhrowi, who was boarding at the school. He was about to meet Ahmad Shohibulwafa, illustrious called Abah Anom. It was still about six in the morning. Abah Anom house has been visited by guests for various purposes. As usual, if the return home, Badhrowi always goodbye to Abah Anom and asked for prayer with the media bottle of water in order to safely reach the destination. The moment at the end of June 1997, it became one of the memorable events for Badhrowi. He is bound for his native land, Palembang, on the way, precisely in the area of ​​the port, he was intercepted by some youths who work as brokers. They tried to extort and rob the only bags belonging Badhrowi. At that moment, Badhrowi drink water that has been didoai Abah Anom. Suddenly, brokers harbor is like a thug, changed his attitude, be softened. They soon find a way for Badhrowi in order to board the Merak-Bakauheni. Badhrowi unique events experienced it, is one of many stories about karomah Abah Anom. After all, as a religious figure, Abah Anom better known thanks to its active role in the social field. It all started with his understanding of the meaning of the ascetic. However, there is an opinion that it meant leaving the ascetic world affairs, which have an impact on the decline of the Muslims. As for Abah Anom, "Zuhud is qasr al-'amal. That is, short of wishful thinking, not a lot of dreaming, to be realistic. "Abah Anom (center) at the boarding school Suryalaya. Period in the 50s, is a decisive period for Abah Anom. At that time, he officially became Murshid (mentor) Thoriqot Qadiriyah Naqsabandiyah in the pesantren Sufism. At the same time, the middle of the country are vulnerable to a variety of armed violence between groups, especially between DI / TII against the TNI. Seeing that, Abah not stay silent, he helped the soldiers. As a person who has a social conscience, Abah Anom was directly involved in irrigation development, and to build windmills for power generation. In anticipation of the food crisis, he made a kind of rice self-sufficiency program in communities in West Java. The activity was then stirred Suprayogi Welfare Minister and General A. H. Nasution u


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