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HE PROTECT PEOPLE SALEH Ikhwan Iwan Darmawan TQN - Jakarta Word of GOD

HE PROTECT PEOPLE SALEH Ikhwan Iwan Darmawan TQN - Jakarta Word of GOD in the letters AL-Araf (7): 196 "HE PROTECT PEOPLE SALEH" When Manaqib a few months ago, I met a derived Brotherhood Tasikmalaya age of approximately 70 years and has known Abah Anom since he was young. Manaqib in Suryalaya a few months ago, I met Ir. Ayat Hidayat, Chairman of the Cooperative Hidmat - PP Suryalaya. Knowing that he knew Abah Anom long ago, so I asked the most memorable experiences together Abah Anom. He was pensive for a moment, then said: "One day after dhuhur prayers in congregation, Abah offer lunches at madrassas (home Abah). This opportunity is not wasted I, we had only two." After eating, Abah took me around the garden (land) has. In the course of Abah always chuckling because there are leftovers tucked digiginya. Not far from where we stood, there was a pile of dry branches gathered residents for firewood, leaning against a tree disebuah. Abah see and intend meengambil bit to serve as a toothpick. When you want to take the wood, suddenly aghast Abah Anom and direct air-seek forgiveness repeatedly and cancel his intention. After listening to him, I pondered the wisdom of what is behind the story. Just a few months later I can take a lesson, as follows: In the book 'Treatise Qusyairiyah' explained: Karamah greatest owned by the trustee, is always getting help GOD Almighty to obey and awake from disobedience and opposition. The mayor was Ma'shum (maintained and preserved from sin) as it did to the prophets. Despite taking just a little timber value is not how (probably not worth it at all), before GOD that includes sin, stealing classified. For us (students) can be said to act only a minor sin, but for the trustee no small sin or big term. The trustees saw it was an act of sin against GOD Almighty. Rasulullah SAW said: "Sin is the greatest in the Almighty GOD is sin (considered) the smallest by human beings. As the smallest sin on the side of the Almighty GOD is sin (perceived) greatest by man". The above hadith intent is; if someone who did sin considers his sin was so great, he felt scared and repent soon, so sin is forgiven and considered small by God. But if sin is considered small by doing it, so that he is constantly repeating it, then it becomes a great sin on the side of GOD. Abah Anom avoid sin because it is always protected by GOD Almighty, as the verse from surat Al-Araf mentioned above. mirrors the probity of a Murshid who mukasyafah. When the congregation TQN Suryalaya in a village held manaqiban, suddenly the mosque where the event was held was stoned by people who do not like the event. Because sadly, some people decide to go to the congregation with the intention Suryalaya wants to sue the prihal to Abah. Arriving at Suryalaya them straight to the mosque and plans to meet Abah after Fajr taushiyah .... and that makes it shocked the congregation is in taushiyah subuhnya Abah said things like: "Thank God .... overnight in a village, stones too dhikr with the mosque came to me in which the event is held Manaqib "Though pilgrims prihal have not told them. Such a mirror probity Murshid who mukasyafah.


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