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Who the hell Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra?

Who the hell Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra?
Abah Aos

a. Testimony ikhwan origin of Pesurungan City tegal Ustadz Purwanto as follows:

1. Sheikh Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra Said: ... Later I was over there? In 2003 there was the inauguration of the Governing YSB PP Suryalaya Tegal district representative Mr. H Sikun Emi Joyo SH. At the time, inaugurating were Mr. KH General Sukriya of YSB PP Suryalaya Centre once managib Akbar with speaker Abah Gaos Saefulloh Slawi Maslul in the Grand Mosque. Before Coming to Jami Slawi, he first transit home of the late doyen of Tqn Suryalaya Mr. H Muthohar former regent wedana Slawi Tegal regency. At home here as a witness and forerunner berkembangan Tqn Suryalaya tegal and surrounding areas in the village Pagongan Tegal regency. When it was on the committee pengajians Managib Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Qs Satori cleric Ustadz Purwanto told to look and ensure the existence of Abah Gaos, if it was up to anything yet. At that time Ustadz Purwanto feel confused, because he was not familiar with it lahiriyah Abah Gaos. In the confusion that Purwanto religious teacher immediately took the motor and drove to the scene. Sesampainnya at the house of Mr. Al-Marhum H muthohar, Purwanto chaplain greeted by Mrs. H Marliyah Muthohar and allowed to enter at once inquire needs. Said Mrs. H Marliyah Muthohar; "No purpose of what mas?" Ustadz Purwanto: ... "Sorry ma'am, I was told the committee to ascertain whether Pangersa Abah Gaos there yet?" ... Mrs. H Marliyah Muthohar answer: it Abah Gaos ...? Abah Gaos said; "Do you not know this is Abah Gaos mas ... At that time also Ustadz Purwanto with terkopoh-kopoh directly approached and kissed his hand. At that time he was still holding the plate over the kitchen table and Abah Gaos said:" ga eat first mas? "Replied chaplain Purwanto: "thanks direction, I awaited by the committee." nah that's when Pangersa Abah convey: "I'll over there?" it was also chaplain Purwanto immediately step on the gas the bike back into the mosque would like to convey to the committee that Pangersa Abah Gaos were home H Marliyah Muthohar mother. what a surprise and amazed by what Ustadz Purwanto something seen and witnessed ... Subahanalloh .... Pangersa Abah Gaos and the group had reached the courtyard of the mosque Jami Slawi first. and if by penelaran mathematically impossible the delegation Pangersa Abah up in advance of me. Because when Ustadz Purwanto leave the residence home Moms H Marliyah Muthohar he will eat and the distance between her house H Marliyah Muthohar of the Great mosque of Slawi pretty much as well as many through a red light. Even if his entourage drove, of course Ustadz Purwanto see the car he was overtaking So what was said by Pangersa Abah Gaos Ra to Ustadz Purwanto "I'll over there?" Akbar Allohu Subhanalloh he really already there is a testimony Purwanto top cleric Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos karomah Saefulloh Maslul Ra. Hopefully he lengthened the age of this world, always embellished blessing and barokahnya .... Aamiin

2. Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul like Hadrotus Shaykh Ahmad Wafa Sohibul Tajul Arifin Qs. In 2005, precisely when following managib pengajians well as the inauguration of a madrasah and inauguration managib group Tqn Suryalaya didesa depokan kemantran Tegal regency. When the chaplain Purwanto and Candra Kirana Mas arrived in the location and directly memparkir bike ... was surprised when he saw the cleric in the Masjid Agung Purwanto see Master Pangersa Abah Anom Qs being tawajuh Pengimaman place. Without another thought Purwanto directly chaplain approached him and kissed his hand, was surprised when he turned towards cleric purwanto, turned out he was pangersa Abah Gaos Ra ... Subahanalloh. This incident was witnessed by Ustadz ikhwanya Purwanto namely mas candra Kirana. So a bit of testimony Ustadz Purwanto tqn group administrator Suryalaya Pesurungan Kidul village RT 04 / RW 02 district. West Tegal Tegal with builder Kyai Abdul karim b. The testimony of the brothers from the city of Bogor Ustadz Al-Miftah Sudrajat as follows: Karomah Abah Gaos as testimony Sariyah and troops who are fighting far from the medina. Looks like his miracles which we (me and a brother) watch needs to be conveyed to the Brotherhood. Hopefully this can grow our mahabbah to him. Such as witness testimony and pasukanny Sariyah at war far from the medina. They heard Sayyidina Umar. Sariyah, mountain mountain mountain. Though Umar was in the Grand Mosque. Their distance of hundreds of kilometers, but they could hear the sound of umar ra in haram Mosque. Subhan Allah, this also happened to us. Abah Pangresa Gaos greet us clearly in front of his house with a distinctive language and dialect. Though he was en route to Jakarta. Karamah he is proof that God Tampakan us that Abah Gaos is a successor of the great Master Qs. Bibarkati huma, Alfatihah. c. Testimony ikhwan origin of ciamis Ustadz Ade Noeryawan follows: MIRACLE PRAYER THE GURU memorable experience: On Wednesday + - 6 hours on 28 november 2012 my father was hospitalized mother ciamis gem for a hernia operation. Fitting inside the ER doctor told me at 8 to surgery. Follow-up examinations were carried out. Based on the results of operations determined in pending due to too high tensinya mncapai 210. Pending new operation is not only done once, in addition to the tension were also down but because it is found the heart condition is not good. Amid the confusion when it comes to boarding school terlintaslah to meet pangersa Abah Sirnarasa Cisirri Gaos, then on Friday morning came to ask for his prayers. beliaupun Sirra pray through water that has been my previously purchased. In the evening to call the family doctor, said that oerasi must still be done, but the probability of success is less than 10% because of the possibility of heart failure, and kalupun operation is performed, must be ascertained ICU admission. Indecision mounting, felt tip horn, Inoperable will likely fail, then my father would have died during the operation, not dioperasipun not bear to see her suffering because his intestines are already pinched. and jalanpun could not, limp like a cripple. With a full faiths in prayer the teacher, allowing family doctors to perform surgery. Keajaibanpun occur, before the operation tension stabilized at 160 to complete the operation, whereas before to 180 was difficult. and Alhamdulillah smooth operation without having to go ICU, and now lived recovery, my father was able to walk. Alhamdulillah ......... Trimakasih direction. d. Testimony ikhwan origin of the village Segambut kuala lumpur malaysia Ustaz Mohd Hafiz Othman as follows: SEEING EYE WITH OWN HEAD & Abah Abah Anom Gaos in the Haram Bismillaahir rohmaanir rohiim Sholli Allahumma 'Alaa Sayyidina Muhammad ------------- -------------------------------------- this story traversed by him (tidakk I should mention his name) curious / abstruse about who the successor murshidship TQN 38th during pilgrimage a month ago. When the SAI, he beristighosah to God in the hope that WHO indicated SUCCESSORS mursyid TQN 38th after Abah Anom question becomes very deep in his heart. What happened ? Dikala was also God answered his prayer cursory lightning. Right in front of her two human institution of God, he is very, very familiar. Because he is still the People of the temple of the great family of Abah Anom and also very familiar with Abah Gaos. Subhanallah ... turns 2 figure that no other human institutions and not instead is Sheikh Ahmad SHOHIBULWAFA Tajul Arifin qs WHICH ARE goes hand in hand with the Sheikh MUHAMMAD ABDUL Gaos Saefullah MASLUL ra in the Haram. But he wondered whether Abah Gaos go Hajj? SAI finished he kept asking me through fb. "Do Abah Gaos Ra go to Mecca?". I replied: "No, because I had just met and took a picture together Abah Gaos in pengajians Manaqiban @ Sirnarasa. His picture is still stored and recorded the date. Weve why?". He continued mnceritakan me what he experienced earlier. Alhamdulillah ... Most Great KeagunganMU..yang during mnjadi questions and my doubts, have YOU replied with MIRACLE-MU. Hopefully this story to guide us all to remain istiqomah on PILIHAN_NYA order not to lose direction and disintegration. If Allah wills, let alone near ... much will be given instructions for anyone who wishes & Desired, Aamiin Yes Robbal 'Alamin e. Testimony ikhwan origin of Purbalingga kh Moh Shafi'i Al Abror as follows: ALL ISSUES SUBMITTED TO Abah Gaos On Thursday, 6 ~ 12 ~ 2012 at 02.00 hrs, Kyai Moh Shafi'i Abror, Caregiver Pontren Nurul Barokah ds. Beji, excl. Bojongsari kab. Purbalingga awakened from sleep by dreaming of meeting a black-robed cleric Court, after being approached turned out Pangersa Abah Anom, Qs. Then with respect and tawadhuk (bhs Javanese = depe-depe) K Moh Shafi'i Abror bring issues, spontaneously answered Pangersa Abah Anom, Qs: "Loh now do to me, asked to Gaos". After hearing the answer Pangersa Abah Anom, Qs, K Mohammad Shafi'i Abror surprised to awaken from sleep. Bibarokati wakaromati Syaikhinalkirom Pangersa Abah Gaos, qs AL-Fatehah. f. Testimony ikhwan origin of DKI Jakarta as follows: By: Bang Udin Pitoy (Hidayat Ibn Ibrahim Wahyudin.) Thank God blessing karomah Abah Anom Qs wa bi karomati istiqomati Abah Gaos Ra. Semalem Wednesday, 28 November 2012 23:00 right (11) pm because of the pain because a Nashroni / Christian Catholic (Bpk.Soegito 80 yrs) requested talqin Dhikr to Pangersa Abah Gaos via telephone. Before Ane phone and ask talqin Pangersa Mr. Pak Soegito always whispered, "Praise the Lord Jesus ,,, I wanted to breath, I want peace, I want peace ..., it's His will, His will is already ,,, Toto has been assisting teachers ... ". Ane asked, "Who is Master Toto .. ??? ..." she answered, "Abah ....". When it ,,, Ane reflex shows pictures Pangersa Abah Gaos of HP Ane, if this teacher who accompanied Mr .. ??? .... Answered Mr. Soegito softly, "Iyaaaa ..." while staring at the photo deep with an occasional smile. (And even if Mr. Soegito not yet been met Pangersa Abah Gaos physically). Long story short ... After that, the phone Ane Pangersa Abah Gaos, Pangersa father asked, "What Mr. Soegito really want to go back to Ruh Qudsi .. ??? ..." Answered by Mr. Soegito, "Yes ... Thank kasihh, ,, I WANT ... "Then talqin Pak lah Soegito over the phone ... When talqin, which exists in that room had tears in his eyes, which Ane themselves do not understand, people macem could cry ... Ane Ane, Ane friends , Pak Soegito son, and his grandson Mr. Soegito be a witness at the scene accompanied Mr. Soegito, as he said two Shahadah and the Dhikr talqin are guided by Pangersa Mr ... When Ane Mr. Pangersa phone, Ane said, "Some people want to ask talqin Nashroni remembrance of the Father, He is sick, the body of his right hand stroke, difficulty breathing and if they mess nightfall, it was difficult to sleep ... last Sunday, for water prayer of the Father, and the night can sleep in peace ,,, may I take talqin dhikr Nashroni people ... ??? ... how Mr .. ??? ... "Answered by Pangersa father," Masha Allah .... that request was not his mouth he Yayatttt ..., nor his teeth he Yayattt ... But his Spirit ... his spirit was who wanted ... Until creeps Mr dengernya .... "then Ane asked again," what preparation should Yayat do, what he should perform ablution first ... ??? ... "" Have a bath, then wash ,, , do not have ablution Islam ,,, yet mah not need ablution, because it has not been canceled ablutions .... "note: Pangersa Father is calling Ane Yayat, because First name Ane Hidayat Wahyudin Ibn Ibrahim. g. Testimony ikhwan Purbalinggo origin as follows: By: Binmas Imam Sutiyono A few days ago the Police arrest 26 purbalingga talqin via phone by Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Hadrotus Saefulloh Maslul Ra, Subhanalloh they are able to understand quickly as talqin dealing directly with Abah Gaos, Ra ... ..... Done talqin I asked: "what the brothers feel" they replied in unison: "we feel calm" grand ALLohu ........ I am increasingly ta'jub, after sunset I share a photo copy of the sheet amaliah daily, when one of them to lead the dhikr in congregation, Subhanalloh COMPACT once and tone dhikr as had long ditalqin, space tahananpun echoing the sentence "LAAAILAAHA ILLALLOH" I was thrilled to hear a sound so mengetarkan qolbu, soon I was out of custody for no longer able to stem the linangan tears .... Without the blessings and the intercession of Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Hadrotus Saefulloh Maslul Ra, you will probably imprint in the hearts of the prisoners. Hopefully with the adhesion of hearts remembering our brothers detained there can provide color in their life ,,, Aamiin h. Testimony ikhwan origin of DKI Jakarta as follows: by: Diaz Ahmad Rashid Subhanalloh ..... walhamdulillah, wa laa ilaha illa ... Wallohu akbar. With the guidance of Sheikh Murshid, Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos SM ra. My weeks ago there was steam personal issues that I want to ask him, but when he is so solid fill manakiban event, I finally ber Robithoh him to be instructed. I am currently opening a business typing, Alhamdulillah morning there are consumers coming weeks to use my typing services, Subhanalloh ,,,, when I typed Tafsir Al Quran Surat An-Nisa verse 36 all the answers to what I would ask Shaykh Muhammad Hadrotus Abdul Gaos Safulloh Maslul Ra answered. Is this a coincidence or not I do not want to know and do not want to know, because in the world of Sufism do not recognize the term coincidence .. QS. ANNISA ARTICLE 36 "Worship Allah and do not ascribe him with nothing. and do good to his two mother-father, a close-relatives, orphans, the poor, neighbors close and far neighbors, and peers, and the servant of Ibn sabil sahayamu. Allah does not love those who are arrogant and boast themselves. "Hopefully Hadrotus Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra plus-plus blessing and lengthen the age of this world ... aaamiin, Al Fatihah i. Testimony ikhwan origin of Medan as follows: By Ustadz Handri Kataren Medan 1. On 29 November 2012 Subhanallah ..... One of the marks of greatness He Pangersa Abah Gaos ra, he was not invited to the event Dhikr Akbar yangg held in Medan, but in newspapers written He journalists Syech M Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul ra attended the event. Subhanallah ,,,, He is not everywhere, but everywhere 2. On 8 November 2012 Ass. kum wr.wb. A year ago her exact date of 10 Muharom us from Medan relationship to Gaos ra Abah, I dititipin message by Mr. Buya Idris to ask for prayers from Abah Gaos ra. He had long wanted a relationship with the Supreme Master Abah Anom qs with his wife, but is constrained economy, when he was that he wanted to sell his plot of garden belonging to hajatnya realize it, but have not sold well. "Father asked for prayers for the brothers Terrain her," I said, handing her a bottle of water. After reaching Terrain, Idris Buya father had splashed water on the farm owned by her in the morning, the afternoon subbahanallaoh it comes buyers see it and immediately bought the land. Alhamdulillah, insyaallaoh 10th this Muharom our group again on the field for another relationship with Abah Gaos ra. Amen. 3. On 18 November 2012 Subhanallaah, the greater the greatness Abah Gaos ra, today KH WAHFIUDDIN vice talqin Jakarta before Pak Taka in Medan of North Sumatra Regional Coordinator advised the Chairman of the cpc Sulthoni Shahid Arifin to resign from office when pro-ra Abah Gaos. Never pack Wahfiuddin office, we submit any head for the father of origin do not separate us Gaos Abah Abah Anom ra and qs. 4. On 18 November 2012 the Brotherhood Firmness Medan to the belief of the Successor Hadrotus Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefullohg Maslul Ra ,,, Subhanalloh. Ustadz Handri Ketaren said; I personally remain a pupil of his Abah Anom qs, to continue concatenated with him qs then I will find a model that has guided He qs reflecting ahklak and personality he qs, the practice, securing and preserving all amaliah Great Teacher Abah Anom qs. That when I looked at her the same as looking at Pangersa Abah Anom qs, bringing tranquility bhatin, and taste the same love in my heart that always makes the heart longing always met, which always deliver ruhani The tuk always connected to the Creator his, and still a lot of desire and other flavors. All that I found on Pangersa Highness Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul ra. May He continue to plus-add to karomahan God's blessing and for the good of all who follow him and the whole universe. This stance of mine, not to impose on the others, may understand her. J. murshid BRING RUH Diriwayatkn by Pangersa sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra ..bahwa first infallible clerics will have children and will ask for prayers to Pangersa Abah water qs birth so smoothly, but what the doctor said it was not a child but tumors of the uterus (see manqobah karomah pangersa Abah browser Qs stay in geogle '' Meat So Changed So man '') this incident played out again in a big family kyai infallible yet another story, .ustad harun al rasyid had a wife whose pregnancy was strange sometimes like a deflated lost her baby but no more, as time goes on permanently lost her pregnancy, she was so severe shock, and a cleric robithoh to Pangersa Gaos in qolbunya ra and said: '' My wife faith entrusted Teachers' Keeesokannya cisirri they went to ask for prayers and instructions in order to have offspring back. Said sheikh R.a Gaos '' keun engke Aya deui ge '' ('ll also no longer) after returning from the residence Pangersa Abah existing Gaos wife dicisirri nausea and vomiting. Immediately she was taken and diperiksalah to the doctor, having examined intensively apparently the result of his lap-positive pregnant wife kembli cheerful and believe that he can bring karomah and repatriate Ruh..dulu Karomah anom Abah Abah qs Now Karomah Pupils Gaos .ra sbgai successor ... Subhanalloh Now age imminent abortion 9 months old, beg his prayers the brothers and sisters let confinement smoothly ... Aamiin. Al Fatihaha history of Ustaz Harun Al Rasyid


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