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Buyenlarge. Numbers of people are not recognizing that our contemporary science however brilliant

Buyenlarge. Numbers of people are not recognizing that our contemporary science however brilliant is heartless and leads to nothing that actually satisfying to the human soul and it is Egypt along with the other civilizations as well the other ancient civilization for the DJ that we have access to with Egypt. I'm going through their temples and tombs in studying the pyramids we get a living sense of how human being civilized human beings once they have

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Jaden previously still meeting goes have experience that probation and abuse audien life but also to have the money They said they go on holiday to have activities in a chance that you wouldn't have sexy thang have enough love under minutes he will risk oxygen and I was significantly Breaking Bad season right back young people united in sometime places of Education who all just fearful that says failure that the section is they seem so kind of school song in a sitter can anxiety about his all I want my future will look like and I think the question is what are we doing and why is this happening and how can we free these young people up to know they're finally understand that making mistakes is tired of London to feel like a with who they are not have to compare themselves to others and to recognize that the grade you got in and excited to know the complete indicator of who you are as a person with such as always and I have Kitty emotional intelligence is what a lovely young children teenagers they don't seem to have your way to school stresses it's a huge number of children young people playing around 10 or 11 when she says GCSE time and then around what time so I can definitely be a tricky but we know that 50% of all I don't mental health problems will for sure themselves at the age of 14 7523 dimension of the eye of round 23 wheel Sinai the adolescence is it on the founder of it is he in times of compasses and Brian changes I'm do list of the physiological human and social changes as well so you know this is a great the office they found rubble and the more pressure on the most recently around the office late if they are all the factors in Alex's wow the more vulnerable they are too heavy mental health problems tiny bar and ammo him over from Tanya later on but they are the teenagers are famous it difficult time for lots of people but when did you realize some things I'll

And I think that's a problem with children sit week we judge that they don't seem to see if there is more to life but school is like them and how serious anxiety get for youSaida phones you. He catch me cause I love see you go every Wednesday lunchtime to be like Siri not getting any easier and we still email house now that's what she did have a supportive person that he was able to help you start having panic attacks did you know this was out of the ordinary and I thinkI are used to go to the bus station and now the flight anyway



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