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Rookery, Donor Sperm Dibanderol Rp 50 Thousand

Sperm Dibanderol Rp 50 Thousand
Sperm Dibanderol Rp 50 Thousand
Rookery, Donor Sperm Dibanderol Rp 50 ThousandInternet shocked by the sperm donor broadcast through social networks WhatsApp. Not only that, in the broadcast, a sperm donor will be given in exchange for money worth Rp 50 thousand.Donating sperm to a sperm bank is commonly done abroad. However, what happens if you make a sperm donor in Indonesia? Sure would be the pros and cons in the community.In recent days circulated the announcement that allegedly leaked from one group WhatsApp Faculty of Medicine students who offered to buy sperm from Rp 50 thousand to a masturbation.Announcement is supposed to members in the WhatsApp evidently leaked to the outside group that makes a scene UGM academic community and the people of Yogyakarta."Guys, confused looking for money? Again idle? Hobbies watching porn in your spare time? Take advantage of your habit to make money !! Now your child usual candidate you can be a waste of
money !!
Terms, report to asdos PK (clinical pathology Faculty) or to Ajib (08122962XXX).Samples issued a maximum of one hour before the hour practicum, container please take the floor first in the lab PK 5. Masturbation can be done in a special room on the 5th floor or can be in a private residence, the origin of the sample taken no more than one hour after expenses. Incentives fresh money for 50rb after collecting samples taken at TU PK floor 5. Just help friends in the clinic ".Announcements are considered less ethical and spread to the community rush dibantas by UGM. Prof. Budi Mulyono, Head of Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, said he did not issue or instruct the release of this announcement and did not know its source."Currently there is no or no sperm in ongoing research on our part," he said.Budi said the announcement was irresponsible and contrary to the values ​​of academic UGM. Parties to the campus itself deeply regrets indecent act with a person who did not deserve it spreads announcement."We deeply regret the announcement of a very unethical, indecent, disrespectful, and does not reflect the values ​​of academic and carries the name of part of the PK," said Budi.MUI: Sperm Donor HaramSecretary of MUI Fatwa Commission, Asrorun Niam Sholeh said the law donor sperm for couples who are not married are forbidden. According to him, it is already stated in the fatwa issued by MUI."There should be a sperm donor. Unlawful if the donor who is not his wife be the same as adultery, "he said when contacted yesterday.He explained that the sperm should not be given to the uterus that is not his wife. If it is done, then the status of the child be a child of the mother, not the child's father who gave sperm and father married his mother."So the donor sperm may be injected if lawful husband and wife according to religion," he said.Fatwa Council of Ulama Indonesia dated June 13, 1979 prohibiting the sperm donor. IVF sperm and artificially inseminated himself taken from other than the legitimate spouse, is haraam. His status is considered to be the same as having sex between the opposite sex outside of marriage are legitimate. In addition, test-tube baby from frozen sperm of her husband who had died law is also unlawful.Similar delivered by twin Alwi Ustadz Yusuf, reminiscent of the guardianship of the child will be messed up if done with donor sperm."If the sperm donor of necessity it is allowed. Legal permissible because it includes efforts in accordance with the rules of religion. Of note, if the artificial insemination of sperm from the husband legitimate religion, "said the chaplain.Alwi Ustadz Yusuf said the sperm donor is allowed religion if only done by a married couple can obtain offspring. However, it could be unlawful if a woman wants to have children without a husband."As if donor sperm instead of her own husband, especially from unknown donors who. Then it is haraam. Because in Islam, which distinguishes man from beast-like creature is the lineage through marriage, "explained Alwi cleric Yusuf


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