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Revealed, Member of Parliament Mark-Up Costs Official Travel

There inflate the cost of a working visit of the members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) Cimahi fiscal year 2010-2011.

This was revealed by the former Chairman of the Parliament Cimahi, Ade Irawan in a subsequent trial at the Corruption Court in Bandung, on Monday (14/9)

According to him, the working visit of the members of Parliament Cimahi helped bring his wife and children to use the state money through the SPJ. As a result, the case inflate ticket prices and SPJ fake causing losses to the state.

Meanwhile, the seven witnesses presented by the prosecutor all give information about the same. No refund of excess but do not wear receipts through the leadership of the Board, of which the defendant Ade Irawan.

In addition, the witnesses also claimed to have to make the SPJ for Board members who did not leave. So also for the members of the Board who brought his wife and child.

Titan One witness, answered questions defendant Ade stated, there are the members of the Board who took his wife and children who want to know where the budget. "Instead, they were more berbuatnya," said Titan as reported RMOL Jabar.

"We are confused, should make SPJ Council. But they did not come. So that brought the family to be made SPJ SPJ it. Indeed the budget more, but return dong, would I go to jail," added Titan, one witness travel.

Heard the testimony of witnesses, the accused Ade Irawan furious. "Kan has been sworn in. Money Rp.11,5 million, it will not make me rich. Who reimburse the excess and please make SPJ follow the rules. As a result, I have to be responsible," said the defendant.

The trial court official travel DPRD Cimahi state losses of Rp 1.9 billion in fiscal year 2010-2011, held again next week, on Wednesda


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