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Police Beking Agung Podomoro Should Raise Feet From Telukjambe Sunday, September 13, 2015, 22:59:00 AM

Police Beking Agung Podomoro Should Raise Feet From Telukjambe
Sunday, September 13, 2015, 22:59:00 AM

Police leaders must draw its members from land belonging to residents in the village Margamulya, Wanasari village, and the village Wanakerta, Telukjambe West, Falkirk. The members were placed by PT. Water Resources Mas Pratama (PT. SAMP) -PT. PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (Agung Podomoro) who unilaterally claim ownership of the land.

"We urge the leadership of the Police interesting that the current members into backing PT. SAMP together Agung Podomoro. Police should be neutral because the land is now being guarded by the police is owned by Telukjambe West and others still a dispute," said Chairman Tim Authorization Telukjambe legal resident, Joseph B. Badeoda, SH, MH in his press conference on Sunday (13/8).

Citizens themselves were surprised by the police action which currently builds the post. In that place dozens of uniformed police officers alternately Brimob guard, despite a rejection reaction from residents.

Some time ago, dozens of residents Telukjambe West and a number of organizations that are members of the Alliance Slap (Tim Farmer Advocacy Falkirk), A patch (Falkirk Farmers Union), JMPH LBH (Legal Aid Network Community Care Law Karawang, Snakes (Indonesian Legal Aid Association -Jakarta, and Tim Advocate DPP LRJ (Central Executive Council of the People's Army Jokowi), held rallies to conduct a flag ceremony on land owned by farmers who are certified, right in front of the guard post berseragamm Brimob officers on the street Industrial Area Consortium Wanasari village.

Flag ceremony done with simplicity but solemn, with a spirit of independence tinged speeches over sovereignty of land for farmers. A patch of the Secretary General in his speech, criticized the Koswara Engkos partiality towards Agung Podomoro apparatus.

"Article 33 UUD 1945 it was clear that the people should disejahterakan. Then the first President Soekarno we also obviously creates BAL No. 5 of 60 true passion for the welfare and prosperity of the people," he said.

In addition, the Chairman of Snakes Jakarta Simon F Tambunan revealed the presence of uniformed Brimob officers are unfounded. Evidently, when it asked one of the officers was to show the Letter of Assignment, none can show it.

"The presence of forces on land belonging to residents and partly disputed areas are illegal, they are assigned without any basis," he said.

Chronology annexation of West Telukjambe farmer's land began in 1974, with the lease of land by PT. Dasa Bagja (PT. DB) for 3 (three) years. In 1975, PT. DB secretly filed Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) to land the residents to the Office of Agricultural Jabar but not granted. In 1986 secretly PT. DB divert arable land to PT. Makmur Jaya Utama (PT. MJU). In 1990, PT MJU divert claim to PT. Water Resources Mas Pratama (PT. SAMP) through a Notary Sri Mulyani Syafei, SH in Bogor.

In the same year, PT SAMP measuring and fixing using heavy equipment, which provoke protests and rallies of citizens to the Parliament Office Falkirk.

In 2012 the land was annexed PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) after the company owned by the Haliman Kusuma Trihatma acquire 55% of PT SAMP worth Rp 216 billion. On June 24, 2014, by deploying 7,000 police officers, the court's decision misguided, Falkirk District Court area residents mengakibtkan execute many light and heavy injured


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