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Pengacra Kondang raided When Cheating Wife

Pengacra Kondang raided When Cheating Wife
Pengacra Kondang raided When Cheating Wife
Pengacra Kondang raided When Cheating WifeCentral SELINGKUH- cool together senior lawyer berinisal ZAZ was raided by the wife in a hotel room in Slipi, West Jakarta. In the rooms, both with wanitia ZAZ middle initials WH.Penggerbekan action originated from a legitimate suspicion of his wife's lawyer to the behavior of the husband who is a member PERADI. The incident occurred when the wife asked the receptionist to open the hotel room occupied by her husband. However, because it is not given permission, the lawyer's wife then reported to the police.Police of West Jakarta Police received a report immediately to the site and check out the hotel. When the room was opened, the lawyer known was with another woman. "The wife of the lawyer reported to the Police and is still inside," said police chief Commissioner Palmerah Darmawan confirmed reporters on Sunday (6/9).

Separately, the lawyer's wife, Femmy Malingkas justify it. According to him, today he just finished made a dossier (BAP) by the police. "I just finished making BAP. Hopefully all goes well, "said Femmy.Femmy storytelling, beginning she sensed her husband's infidelity of social media. He also did not know how long her husband's adultery."I do not know how long I certainly initially cuman see posts and comments-komenan them on Facebook. His name is also the wife feeling so I knew something was wrong, "said Femmy.Femmy revealed her relationship with her husband is being strained. He also shocked when her husband was suing for divorce him suddenly."Blows in the household was reasonable and threatened to divorce too often. But I was shocked when the lawsuit was correctly done. All already know about the existence of this affair. I'm not familiar with that girl, but yaudah biarin just let God replied, "concludes Femmy softly.Lawyer known bermana Armain Zul Aziz (ZAZ) This justifies himself with a woman while in a hotel. But the meeting is not cheating, but just take a souvenir of the counterparty.According to Zul, himself and a woman identified as Mandy Hand coworkers. Both are located in PERADI and is handling the case in Jakarta."Mrs. Mandy was a friend of my work, I cooperate with him. He came to Jakarta alone and stay at the Hotel Ibis using her own name on Friday (4/9), "said Zul pass.When asked himself arrested, Zul declined to be arrested. He just gave an explanation about the actual events. Zul back explaining that on Saturday (5/9) afternoon, had gone with Mandy to a karaoke place in the area of ​​Taman Sari. In the karaoke place, they both met with the client to discuss the case of the house."At that time we did not karaoke, just talk business. Then at 20:00 pm the night we came home from Taman Sari and arrived at the hotel around 21:30 pm. Mandy bu I immediately escorted into the room because I want to take a souvenir from Lampung bananas, crackers sanjay and anchovy brought Wiwik for my mother, "said Zul known as Head of Public Relations PERADI it.Shortly after closing the door, the door of the hotel room which was on the 7th floor was a knock on the crowd. At that time, Mandy immediately contacted the front desk to ask hotel security."I do not see there are some people who come because I looked through the peephole. Wiwik mother who feared direct telephone receptionist about the privacy of visitors. Then Mrs. Mandy asked for security guarantees and fell down. I immediately called my son and no longer a child and my daughter were three people came to the hotel, "said Zul."I am still in the room did not know what was going on below. Then, the mother Mandy and my daughter agreed to the police station so instead arrested or raided. Arriving at the police station, Mrs. Mandy asked me presented well but with the security, "added Zul.Zul said that until now he, Mandy and her children were still in West Jakarta Police. This issue is being discussed internally families. Zul also emphasized that the relationship with his wife, Femmy Malingkas currently still in the process of divorce."Do not Wiwik course, later I got in touch with other women later raided as well. It's just business. If litigation let alone litigation, "close Zul


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