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Minister of Agriculture Amran Zero-kan Budget Threatens 11 District / City in West Sumatra

Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Solomon threatened to stop the disbursement of the 11 districts in West Sumatra province in 2016.

Not without reason. It will be done because the eleven regions that failed to increase rice production, such as the eight other districts that managed to increase rice production by 5 percent in 2014.

"Eight of the 19 districts in West Sumatra failed to increase rice production. Eight is insha allah the same as this year. Under the production year through God willing, next year, we zeroed," said Minister Amran while speaking at the opening of the degree of Food archipelago in the Field Tarandam, West Sumatra, on Tuesday (15/9).

Affirmed Amran, if properly realized, the budget for the District 11 will be diverted into 8 districts which managed to increase rice production in the last year.

"(Budget) will be transferred to the regents before the above five percent. Agree? Have to agree," press Amran on the podium.

Amran was deeply proud of the eight regions. How not, with a 5 percent increase in rice production eight regions had enough help improve the national economy through food sector.

"Last year was Rp 340 billion to Rp 741 billion this year, up 100 percent," he explained.

Furthermore, Amran directly witnessed the award ceremony symbolically given to the eight regional heads who excel. The award is given directly or through representatives of regional heads.

West Sumatra province has 19 regions consisting of the District and the City, namely Agam; Dharmasraya; Mentawai Islands; Fifty-city districts; Padang Pariaman District; Pasaman; West Pasaman; South Coastal District; Sijunjung; Solok District; South Solok; Tanah Datar; Bukittinggi town; Padang city; Padangpanjang; Pariaman; Payakumbuh; Sawahlunto; Solok

The eight areas that receive the award which, Mentawai Islands; Solok; Bukittinggi town; Pasaman; Dharmasraya; South Coastal District; Pasaman Para.


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