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Lho Kok, Puan still thank Salaries of Parliament

Puan still thank Salaries of Parliament
Puan still thank Salaries of Parliament
Lho Kok, Puan still thank Salaries of ParliamentHad GAJI- denies receive a salary from the Parliament, was the Coordinating Minister for Women, People and Culture, Puan Maharani lie. Puan was still receiving a salary. In fact, Puan has become minister for 9 months.Disclosure of Puan still listed as a Member of Parliament and received a salary is unfolded by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens Parliament (KMPP). Not only Puan, Tjahjo Kumolo Interior Minister and Cabinet Secretary (Cabinet Secretary), Pramono Agung."Indicates that the rule of law that has been set by the President Jokowi that the Minister does not double post is not executed properly, even by a cadre of self-government," said a member of the Board Presidium Society Coalition cares Parliament (KMPP), Yong Aribowo told reporters in Jakarta, Sunday (6/9).

He then calls the situation is different from the other political party cadres were also concurrent positions. They should be willing to retreat from positions on the Parliament, political parties and other strategic positions."For us there must be a firm stand as a public official. When he was appointed as a minister, then there is no other choice but to resign as a member of Parliament. We have not seen any attitude that reflects exemplary statesman figure in the case of double post, "said Yong.Therefore, he requested that there is a firm stand for public officials appointed as assistant to the president then there is no other choice to resign as board members. "Our records up to date August 14, 2015, Ms. Puan Maharani, who currently serves as the Coordinating Minister for FMD is still listed as a member of Parliament," he explained.Other KMPP Presidium Board Member, Willy Kurniawan said it has not received the official records of the PDI-P cadres resigned today. Willy calls even though they do not take their salaries as members of Parliament, but the problem of dual position it remains a problem.He then took the example of Iskandar lskandar who prefer to be Chairman of the PKB, rather than become a minister. This is done because the President Jokowi who said ministers should not double post."That is logical because the President gave an option, but in this case I see no firmness, must be a record, the Indonesian people must be assured," said Willy.Earlier, Deputy Speaker of the House, Fadli Zon justified if Puan Maharani, Tjahjo Kumolo and Pramono Agung still bersetatus as a member of the Board 2014-2019 period. They have not submitted a letter of resignation to the Secretary General of the Parliament. "Parliament has not received a letter of resignation Puan. Pramod has not, perhaps because they are new, "said Fadli in the House, not long ago.Mid-May 2015, Puan acknowledge his name was still listed in the House. However, according to Puan, yet her name dismissal of the House is the policy of the party. Even so, Puan claims to no longer receive a salary and facilities. "It's baseball dong,? So it is just a name. It was a party that take care of the mother's Chairman, "said Puan


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