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Lamborghini Bodong Bikers Hit

Lamborghini Bodong Bikers Hit
Lamborghini Bodong Bikers Hit
Lamborghini Bodong Bikers Hita car super car, the Lamborghini hit a motorcycle at Jalan Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading. As a result of the accident, a motorist named Endah Suprapti severe injuries was rushed to the Hospital (RS) Family Partners Kelapa Gading.The incident occurred when a white Lamborghini car with police number B 8 RBY drove to the fast pace of the BGR Boulevard Kelapa Gading Jalan Boulevard West. But when the driver crossed dibelokan named Liles
(26) can not control the car when it was about to turn left into the road. Simultaneously passing motorist Endah and directly hit by.After crashing motorcyclists, the cars also beat monument SMR Kelapa Gading up part of the front bumper and the windshield was heavily damaged. Local residents then evacuated residents of Jalan Endah which is Bentingan, Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok for treatment."Lamborghini in high speed, the driver could not control. Initially, the car Lambo out from the direction of BGR towards Boulevard. Should she left. But because of the high speed, ended up crashing into a motorbike, "said Head of North Jakarta Traffic Unit Superintendent Dharmanto, yesterday.Dharmanto mengataan, having examined the luxury car drivers admitted to not carry vehicle registration. "From the description of the driver of the car Lamborghini owned by businessman named Robby who lives in Kelapa Gading. When the chauffeur did not bring completeness of letters such as vehicle registration, "said Sudarmanto


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