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Check Police Extortion Victim Jamkesda Sunday, September 13, 2015, 22:44:00 AM

Check Police Extortion Victim Jamkesda
Sunday, September 13, 2015, 22:44:00 AM

Aftermath arrest of four middle-aged men who claimed journalists and NGO members in Tasikmalaya District, now turn his victim, Faith Word, be examined by the investigation team personnel.

Four people were deliberately squeeze Faith staff work unit at the Hospital Clinic DOTS Singaparna Medika Citrautama (RS SMC), for committing extortion against Jamkesda patients.

The team that checks the Faith among the representatives of the Inspectorate, the Agency for Employment, Education and Training Area (BKPLD), investigator civil servants (investigators) and representatives of RS SMC.
According to the Regional Secretary (Secretary) Tasikmalaya regency Iman Abdul Kodir call this part of employee disciplinary measures.

"We are in the organization there is a mechanism which is to be taken. If there is a question why it and this, we will reduce the team to address matters relating to employment," said Kodir, this afternoon.

Added Kodir, after Iman is checked, the team will make the investigation report (BAP) which will further implement employee disciplinary hearing. Sanctions provided depending on whether the dossier will be mild or severe sanction.

The team leader of the Inspectorate BAP extortion Faith Achdan Suwardana say has included a description of the Faith in the BAP. However, BAP confidential, so it can not be published to the public. This dossier will be submitted to the leadership in this regard sekda.

"From the confessions of faith were indeed lead to acts in violation of the rules. The category in terms of abuse of authority. Faith can be given disciplinary sanctions at the same code of ethics as a medical officer," said Kodir.

Meanwhile four middle-aged men who have been forced to squeeze Faith willing to curl up in the cell bars Tasikmalaya Police. In carrying out the action two actors named Pipin and Smith admitted as a journalist and two other people named Imannudin and Kusnadi as a NGO.

Faith is accused perpetrators commit extortion against the patients treated using Jamkesda card. Their faith to ask for money tens of millions of rupiah. Moreover, they threatened to report Iman kepolisi have committed a crime.

Faith who feel intimidated could provide cash worth Rp 7 million to the perpetrators.
The fourth arrest this man happened after blackmailing the victim a third time. From the hands of the police to secure their money worth Rp 4 million. Besides the mini-bus vehicles used by the perpetrator to do, confiscated by the police.


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