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Celebrate Birthday Amora, Kiyani Flood Blasphemy

Celebrate Birthday Amora, Kiyani Flood Blasphemy
Celebrate Birthday Amora, Kiyani Flood Blasphemy
Celebrate Birthday Amora, Kiyani Flood BlasphemyAurel Hermansyah already apologized and expressed his desire to meet his mother, Kiyani. He also delete the photos that have sparked the conflict itself and KD. However, so far KD yet to respond about it. Wife of Raul Lemos that it was busy celebrating the fourth anniversary of his daughter Amora Arianha Lemos, who was born 5 September 2011.Through Instagram, KD displaying his picture along Amora infancy. It reveals a special prayer for the first daughter from his marriage with Raul it."Prayer for Amora dear, may be a child who is always helping sholeha Mami and family in good in the world and the hereafter," writes KD. "Hopefully Amora always in the protection of Allah, survived the world and the hereafter, given the guidance and knowledge that benefit, given the age and health and fortune that blessing, become a filial son who became man and who rahmatan lil Alamin. Aamiin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amora. "
Not only photos, KD also upload a video collage of photos of Amora. Looks brother of Kellen it looks cheerful enjoying life as children. "Happy 4th birthday Amora," wrote KD.Congratulations also spoken by Ashanty. Through ashanty_ash account, he wrote, "happy birthday arianha amora lemos, hopefully jd solehah children, more beautiful, more clever, always dear parents sm ,, wish u all the best my dear."Anang's wife then posting four Amora photo with him. Of the four photos, one photo shows the togetherness Amora, KD also Ashanty daughter, Throne.Seeing these postings, netizens comment was immediately flooded both KD and Ashanty instagram account. Unfortunately, Ashanty actually much praised, otherwise little haters who blaspheme KD, mother Amora.NetizenMustika_tamprin revealed itself admiration Ashanty and Sam. "Salut sm msanang kak Ashanty, loly ... ..sungguh rigid bgt your heart," he wrote.Likewise nana.ratna.02waow account, "salut ma mb @ ashanty_ash," kicaunya.tiraiantinyamuk Account Ashanty assess sincerity can be felt children. "Ashanty mother well as see his mother who was also so kind and loving."Instead, instagram ejected KD much caustic comment. "Amora prayers awful lot of your mother ... .s3dangkan greeting u / loly merely his congratulations doangpadahal lolypun ... .kasian," said evihaura06. "Amora lg lg amora kpn loli his Jiel ama? WJR the ank you angry? "Criedvannysusan.elshacalistania Account also asks questions about prayer KD for Amora. "Prayer for all the aurel kok ga ya ?," asked the account.Meanwhile, fans are hoping netter not too cruel to KD or Amora. "Happy birthday to ya ... .. healthy always," says fans. "Poor Amora, she does not know anything. Happy birthday to ya Amora funny, "said another fan


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