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BNN Urine Test Intel KODAM XII / TPR Monday, September 14, 2015, 15:58:00 AM

BNN Urine Test Intel KODAM XII / TPR
Monday, September 14, 2015, 15:58:00 AM
National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of West Kalimantan Province in collaboration with the Regional Military XII / Tanjongpura perform urine tests against soldiers Unit Detachment Intel (Denintel) KODAM XII / TPR, and Intel Kodim 1207 / BS as many as 92 personnel suddenly in Makodam XII / TPR, Jl. Ali artery Ayang No. 1 Sungai Raya, Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan, on Monday (14/9).

Head of power Prevention Society (Head Anxiety), Ny. Isnawati, S. Sos., M.Si said these activities are exemplary, since a urine test to all elements of society had entered.

"We said (Isnawati), wants to prove to the public that the military as well as officials want to keep it clean," explains Isnawati as written in the electronic mail sent to the editor.

He highly appreciated the steps Army that wants to keep its members stay clean of drugs. As for the results of urine tests will be forwarded directly to Asintel Kasdam XII / TPR.

"I will not interfere in deciding the results of the urine test. However, if there is a positive suspected drug use urine tests will be done again, and the results were both submitted to Asintel," he explained.

While the Intelligence Assistant Kasdam XII / TPR CZI Colonel Ahmad Rizal R, S. Sos., SH delivered by Pabandyasinteldam XII / TPR Major Kav Jami`an, S. Sos said, the state apparatus including the intelligence community must be clean of drugs and alcohol abuse , It says look at challenging tasks in the near future will be the direct election of regional heads simultaneously. To that end, the whole Aptel have to do a urine test.

In addition Asintel Kasdam reminded, every execution of tasks for intelligence officers are required to make a quick report, related to any task and wherever duty, and avoid any small violation, also for intelligence officers in the execution of their duties should be free of drugs. In the implementation of urine tests initiated by Wadandeniteldam XII / TPR Maj Inf Grace Yunus, SE, gets the first turn urine checks directly supervised by the Regional Military Preparedness Officer XII / TPR Major Kav Yudha Nugrah


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